In current times web designers are developing simple, bold and elegant pages which deliver more with less. Designers try to abide by the principles which are mentioned on Web2.0. The trend is towards simple and minimalistic patterns which are eye-catching and functional. This kind of web design enables designers to aim for sites goals directly and guide the visitor through the essential details which are mentioned in the site. You can create the desired feel in a website with few words and carefully chosen imagery. Web design today is much simpler than it was a decade ago. Web 2.0 indicates that web design is focused, simple and clean. With the help of few features you can attain what you want to achieve.

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Stressing on simplicity

Simplicity is the best choice for web design as user’s attention is a limited resource which should be optimized. As a designer it is your job to help the user find what they want. This is easier with a simple design. With too many features in the website you will run the risk of developing a cluttered page. You can enable a communication easily if you minimize the clutter and adopt a clean look. There are two important ways in which you can make your designs simple. Make sure that you remove unnecessary components without compromising on effectiveness of the page. The other method is to try out alternative solutions.

Say more with less

When you design a page make sure that you use visual elements which include words, shapes, lines and color. Most of the sites which are designed today are positioned centrally in the browser window. As less is being used to say more you can feel more relaxed with the amount of space which you use. In the last few years 3 to 4 column websites were common. But today websites are designed with two columns. When you make use of few columns you can create simple, bold and honest looking websites. With fewer columns you can communicate less information more clearly.

A distinct top section

When you design a page you must create a separate top section which is distinct from the rest of the page. This approach is widely being used by web designers in the recent years. With a distinct top section you can start the page with a bold statement. Do not forget to clear some space on the top of the page which will accommodate your logo. The top section should be visually distinct from the rest of the content on the page.

Using space effectively

Real estate of a web page comes in various forms which include navigation, background, and main content and cross links. You can easily design a web page where all the areas are different from one another. White space on the page can be equally effective. Web 2.0 design indicates that global navigation is large, obvious and clean. Make sure that inline hyperlinks are differentiated from the entire text. Simple navigation is better as it indicates to the visitor where they can go and understand the scheme of things. The links which you sue on the page will be unambiguous when the navigation is simple.

A bold logo

With the help of a bold and strong logo you can carve your identity in the online world. Most of the logos used in web design are in line with the principles which are mentioned in Web2.0. The logo which you use should work visually, must be distinctive and recognizable. The logo which you choose must represent the brand’s identity. Using big text make most of the pages more readable. By suing strong colors you can divide the page into clear sections .you can highlight important elements with the help of bold colors.

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