I love going into a store like Best Buy.  I’m not a tech savvy person and I don’t feel comfortable shopping for electronic things when something breaks down in my house.  I always feel vulnerable, out of touch and just plain old when I hear those young sales reps rattle off the newest features of the latest tech doo hickey.

Gadgets and gismos confound me, but since they are a necessity in the digital age, I find that going into a store like Best Buy helps me to face my fears.  I don’t like being wrapped up in the problem of what to do about the printer.  Is it not working because of something in the printer, missing from the computer, and what did he say about that router?  Or was it the modem?  I like knowing that I can shop Groupon and use their Best Buy coupons online and instore because when I go into the store, I can see, touch and hear the gadget I’m supposed to buy to make electronics run better.  Not everything makes we dizzy, I like walking the aisles checking out the latest laptops, monitors, tablets and workbooks.  The phones are interesting, and I even checked out the virtual reality device.  They have a large selection of flat screen tv’s and all the accessories to go with them.  That’s a department I really feel comfortable in.

And I love knowing that I can go to the Geek Squad counter and listen as they explain to me – again, why my interface is not working because the operating system of the digital device I’m accessing wirelessly has a broken signal that needs to be reconnected as soon as the signal is caught when I first turn on the device after turning it off to clear the cache – or something like that.  I take solace in knowing that Groupon makes the process easier by offering discounts on products and services I need from Best Buy.  They offer 50% off clearance and open box buys.  $100 off HDTV sets and more.

Many times I search out the tech gizmo or gadget I need, then take the information home and make my purchase.  I love waiting for the box to arrive.  If I get stuck installing it, I head back to the store to face my fears again.