As per the recent Business Standard review, Kolkata has been chosen as the best city to live. Apart from that the city has gained momentum in terms of infrastructural development. The expansion of metro railways network has connected the every nook and corner of the city. Moreover the proposed underwater metro connecting Howrah with Saltlake City as well as the extended metro rail facilities has ensured the convenience of the travelling. The metro connectivity has up – scaled the real estate potential of the sub – urban localities resulting in the launch of residential complexes there at very affordable prices, thus resulting in the availability of the flats in Kolkata at very affordable prices. To ensure better returns on investment, this is the right time to invest in the real estate market of Kolkata. Apart from these, there are other aspects too which contributes to the decision of buying flat in Kolkata.


Decent property price promising a better return on investment

The pricing of Kolkata real estate is still at a very affordable range with regards to other cities and expected to come up with better return on investment. If you have plans for investing, then opting for Kolkata market can get you more than your expectations

Development of the Sub – urban areas

The infrastructure development of Kolkata has been undergoing massive changes thus attracting lot of conglomerates as well as builders. The property prices in sub urban areas are still at the very affordable ranges, which is attracting these people, and with time the development of these areas are in no doubt

Cultural ethnicity

Kolkata possess an awesome kaleidoscope of cultural ethnicity. Kolkata is always vibrant with the rich intellectual vibrancy which attracts the creative mind of culturally and intellectually stimulated people. This is one reason, even people who already have settled abroad but still craves for living a retired life in this city, thus ensuring that they should have a house here at Kolkata.

To opt for flats in Kolkata, either you have to pick a good real – estate developer or brokers or you just simply check out portal. The aesthetic design and the user – intuitive interface makes navigation easy. Apart from that the following features have empowered your home search so that you spot your dream home without any hassle from all the available options across the city

Verified Listing and Photo Gallery ensures that all the property before getting uploaded in the portal, ensures that the property is duly visited, verified and snapped from different angles to ensure that you have a proper understanding about the interiors of the room


The filters enhance your search as per your priorities and preferences. The robust filters of ensure that you have landed on those properties which qualify to be your dream house


Ratings provide you with an insight of the neighbourhoods, so that you not only have your dream home, but it’s also been complemented with like – minded neighbours. Ratings are provided on the parameters like life-style and society

Topographical presentation

The map view reflects the exact location of your property thus providing you with the idea of the location of the property and connectivity with the city’s farsightedness to conceive the gen – next online real – estate portal infusing the simplicity of technology has eased the home search process across the globe. The features actually assist anyone to decide on the process of house buying as it provides an actual tour of the property, thus ensuring you to spot the best flats in Kolkata, even if you are located outside Kolkata…You can also get in touch with the experts at 03 – 333 – 333 – 333, for any real – estate related consultation