It’s always great to see the way the online industry is growing. This is a strong answer to the present stiff employment situation. Without too much of investment you can really initiate your business process. However, it has been seen that these online markets are pretty much compressed or these are too specific. There used to be very minimal selling orders. In addition, the ecommerce sites used to be having a faded reputation in terms of brand or quality of the product.


But, these days are now past; especially in India. The inception of “Dealguru” concept along with AskMeBazaar is simply excellent for both investors/businessman and at the same time for buyers. The best part is that it is damn transparent on its way of operation. Let’s have a look on how it has become beneficial for both sellers and buyers.

How it is effective for Buyers

Quality is a must here:

As we have said earlier, in India, online markets don’t have a very good reputation in terms of quality of the product. However, in case of DealGuru this kind of chances are absolutely zero as only branded stuffs are available here. It is based on a concept according to which, the branded products those have lost their place from show case due to the pre scheduled items’ arrival get a place here with discounted price tag. It means, the product is already a brand item, and those who couldn’t be able to have it due to bulk demand now get a chance to grab the opportunity.


Product is delivered only after you receive confirmation call:

In addition, there is no fear of any kind of advanced payments as well. It doesn’t involve any sort of process like this. Any user will have to choose a product, and the team Dealguru-Askmebazar makes a call for confirmation. Then only the stuff gets sold. In fact, these are having the facility for the buyers to return the product. It means they are pretty confident about their quality and trust.

Great Variety:

This is not confined like the conventional ecommerce sites, as the team has the network that covers the whole nation and gathers a huge variety of products tagged with unbelievable price. Once you make the order means, it is going to be available straight at your door step.

Transparent payment

There is no fear of being cheated about your payment as Dealguru has the cash on delivery system. It means you will pay only after the product reaches to you. However, they accept all other modes of conventional payments you know.


How it is effective for Sellers

No risk:

Being advantageous for the sellers is the prime reason that has made DealGuru so much successful. In fact, DealGuru is like selling store. DealGuru remains responsible for the quality concerns of the product. It means your product gets sold and you didn’t have to take its responsibility! However, DealGuru don’t forget to provide you the due credit by placing your name as you wish.

Don’t worry about traffic, domain, hosting:

For any online business traffic is a crucial factor. The best thing about selling a product here is that you really don’t have to be worried about the SEO, or technical aspects like those. Loads of organic traffic is guaranteed here. In addition, you don’t have to make the hectic research related to domain or hosting house. The best part is that they are too transparent regarding payment.


Finally the association of big names like Kangana Ranaut has rubbished any sort of issues related to trust. You can watch the ad by Kangana through the link given below.