Are you looking to host a website that can handle as much traffic as possible? If so, you need to have a web host that can handle everything that you throw at it. In addition to being able to handle a large amount of traffic, your host must also offer a large number of security features that will help you keep your site safe for everyone who visits it.

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Don’t Have a Security Breach

If your site is going to be used to sell goods or services, security is going to be even more important. This is because your customers may be giving their personal information online during the purchasing process. If a criminal were to obtain a person’s credit card number or social security number, a company could face a liability issue and have to pay millions of dollars in damages if customers were to file a lawsuit.

Consider Going to the Cloud

A company that is looking for speed and security should consider using a Pertino cloud VPN network. It will make it possible for a company to archive data and use those archives to keep a site operational if there is a security breach on any other type of site failure. By keeping the site operational, customers will not notice any type of down time as they try to place orders or otherwise browse your site.

How Much Control Do You Have?

How much control over your server do you have? If your company is just starting out and using shared server space, it may not be possible to have complete control of the security protocol used to keep a site safe from hackers. Therefore, it is important to know ahead of time what steps your host would take to secure your site and what steps you may be able to take to bolster that security.

Your choice of host and server type matters. If your company chooses the wrong server type or host, it could lead to an unproductive experience for customers and keep your business from being as successful as it could be.