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Money View Android App – Tracks you spending!7

Healthy and wealthy living is effective financial management as well. Everyone is aware of his or her own earning power and income but when it comes to spend, most of us do not know how much we spend. This is why no matter how much you earn,

Be aware: Insufficiently Integrated SSL android apps

Researchers at the University of Marburg and University of Hanover have examined thousands of Android apps, and found that many developers use SSL encryption insufficiently integrated. These so-called man-in-the-middle attacks are possible, record the traffic of the apps while divulge sensitive information like logins and account information.

Samsung galaxy S4: The next step of the Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is indeed a renowned name which is going to register never ending popularity. Thanks to its impressive and awesome features, you cannot take your eyes away from such an esteemed and coveted product. Among the exemplary features which are worth mentioning is its