When it comes to Mac OS X based machines, there aren’t a lot of good screen capture software. I have tried many Mac screen video recording software but most of them didn’t work well. But then I came across one such software that does it all perfectly. By the word “all” I mean from recording the screen to even editing the footage. This software is the one solution to all you Mac screen recording woes.

Before I talk about this software, let me tell you as to why you might need Mac screen video recording software. I personally use it to record tutorials for my students and I also use it to record any videos calls whatsoever that I might be having.

You can use this software to record your whole screen, or maybe parts of it and after recording it; you can also edit the footage, as you want.

The name of the software is Movavi Screen Capture for Mac and we will talk about it in this post. Without any wait, lets start.

What is Movavi Screen Capture for Mac?

Well, as I already mentioned, if you are asking yourself how to record a video on Mac, then this software is your answer. This software will let you capture your Mac’s screen in a video format and you can use it to shoot tutorials, video calls and whatever you would like from your screen. Now that we know that this software is used as a Mac screen video recorder, lets move on and see what features it comes with.

Features you’ll find in Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

Apart from being a screen video recorder, this software also comes bundled with an editor, which you can use to easily edit your videos that you shot. You will be able to crop the footage, you can add transitions in the video, you can add background music, you can add voice-overs etc.

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While recording the video you can use a microphone to record your voice while you the screen is recording video for you. You can also record system audio. Not only that but it also allows you to highlight the mouse in different colors so that you can point out where the mouse is in the videos.

You can use the hotkeys and keyboard control to manage the video recording as it allows you to control the recording both by using the mouse as well as keyboard.

Not only that but you can take screenshots using this software too and you have this functionality even while recording a video if you need a still image later.


You can set the software to record the videos in 60fps which will make your videos buttery smooth and they will be a pleasure to look at.

Video formats supported by Movavi Screen Capture for Mac

You can export your finished videos in formats like MP4, AVI or MOV and it also supports other popular formats.

You can readily export videos that are playable on mobile devices by default, which means you do not need any other software for video conversion.


As you can see this software is quite feature loaded and comes with great functionality. You can download and try it on your Mac OS X based machine. Just head over to this link and download the software.