With the technological advancement everyday a new revolutionary device is being launched in the market. This has given the consumers a huge variety of options to choose from for every type of gadget they wish to buy. But, on the flip side, the new inventions have made the life cycle of the products shorter; the device that was popular yesterday becomes obsolete today. The popularity crown of the products keeps shifting from time to time and so does the desire and needs of the consumers. In such circumstances it is only logical for the consumers to sell that old device that is lying without being used at home and earn a decent money from it. This also provides a good chance for buyers who are looking for similar products buy it at a cheaper price. This is where the re-commerce sites come in to the picture; these sites provide a great platform for both the sellers and the buyers to buy and sell used products. Here are a few best re-commerce sites:

buy and sell items


This is one of India’s premier online shopping sites that allow both individual customer and bulk buyers to buy unused and factory seconds products. The site sells the overstock and refurbished products at the lowest possible price. Since the site has a huge category of different products, you would surely find the product that you are looking for. This online store is especially for buying electronic items like digital camera, LCD and LED TVs, Irons, Home theatre systems, Kitchen appliances like blenders, heaters, Refrigerators, ACs, Washing machines, Smartphones and many more. While buying things, you can even look for cashback coupons so that you can get additional savings on your purchase. All the products listed on the site are neatly categorized under the product category as well as under brand names. You can find products from all the renowned and popular brands like Micromax, LG, Blackberry, Philips, HTC, Sony, Samsung, Whirlpool etc.


This is one of the most popular sites in India that lists both used and new products based on the locality. The site also carries information about the products listed therein and also the cost of the same product on different sites. The site features, business listings, deals, classifieds, reviews and ratings. You can find a huge variety of products including but not limited to cars, lifestyle products, mobile phones, home, properties and jobs.

Craigslist India

Craigslist is a popular platform for buying and selling used and new products online globally. Craigslist India specifically caters to the Indian audience. This is also a classified site wherein you can register on the site and post your advertisement. You can take part in various forum discussions to know about what people in general are discussing about and get an idea about which products are in demand. The best feature of this website is its city-specific pages that help the buyers and sellers to put up list on their home city page and complete the transaction with potential buyers and sellers quickly. The listing can also be posted based on the product categories such as housing, jobs, electronics etc.