Smartphones have become our day-to-day companion and this has only been possible for the vast amount of apps that we’re using every day. But, let’s roll back and see how we saw shopping in the early 20’s. Shopping malls were stuffed with people and every deal was made on spot. But, things have changed dramatically as of today. Online shopping has got a true potential and it’s got its paws on smartphones as well. Online shopping in India is starting to get huge popularity and a new app has emerged to extend this possibility too far beyond our expectation as well. Let’s welcome AskMe, “the baap of all apps”.

Introducing AskMe

Before we go and discuss about its amazing features, let’s look what it does. AskMe is certainly a new app in the corner that’s got a huge popularity upon its release since they advertised with Ranvir Kapoor. It’s really uncomfortable to run a lot of apps on your smartphone for different tasks but right now you no longer need to do this since you’ve got AskMe on your lap. AskMe enables the users to make deals on the go, publish classified ads and make local searches depending on your location that Google is unable to find.

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Features of AskMe

–         Search Businesses like hotels, restaurants near your current location

–         View amazing deals that are going around the market right now

–         Provide Classified ads on real estate, mobiles, jobs, cars and lots of other things

–         Read reviews given by other users

–         Interact with friends and build a social network together

–         Share businesses with your friends

–         Get to know the address and contact number of lots of businesses near you and call them directly from your AskMe app

–         Provide ratings on businesses that you’ve visited for warning/ informing the other users



The greatest advantage of AskMe is that it relies on its users. Just like any other open-source program, AskMe app can certainly be an important tool that can help the users to provide their own opinion so that the other users can find them easily.

No app can perform well if they’re represented in a crappy environment. But, things look pretty cool on ASkMe app since it is blessed with amazing interface. The UI is intuitive as well to help the beginners find out the different features of this app. Other than that, it represents a nice outlook with sleek and clean interface.

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AskMe is capable of producing amazing search results for you as well. It’s sleek and fast. Looking for the best deal for a restaurant nearby your place or searching for classified ads is pretty easy and fast. You can connect with millions of pieces of information in a matter of seconds. Considering the fact that AskMe has got everything that a person requires to control, this app certainly is the baap of all apps.

Download App from Play Store:

Upon our review, we didn’t find a single flaw or lag on this beautifully working app. We recommend this app to all of our users to share the information that we gain with our fellow friends, and also socialize with them at the same time as well.